Our Top Concern is Your Bottom Line

Mondovi Dairy Systems philosophy is simple:

To provide each of our clients – high quality equipment, products, and quality service they need to help you generate quality dairy products which will give you higher dairy profits.

We know that philosophy is working. Why? Because it’s won us many satisfied customers, including some of the top dairy producers in the west-central Wisconsin and south-eastern Minnesota area.

For example, our current list of full line chemical customers includes Cranberry Creek Dairy LLC, Sequin’s Valley View Acres, AR-Line Dairy, Bells’ Udder Delight, Tilstock Farms and many more. We look forward to adding your name to our growing list of satisfied customers.

Udder Health is an area we excel in. We have trained professionals to assist you in achieving quality milk.

We also are capable of servicing competitive equipment, which includes Boumatic, Westfalia-Surge, and etc.